Update: New Litter

Cats and cat litter boxes! Some are very picky and some, like mine, could care less. I’m still using and recommending the Omega Paw Rolling Litter box in large size only. As well as the Litter Genie. Here’s my first post about these two items. Cats and Litter Boxes Again, I do not get paid or receive free/discounted products from either company. This is my personal review. New litter is pictured above, Slide! It truly slides and only a couple times have I found it clumped to the side of box. I’m pretty sure it was a recent “deposit”. I … Continue reading Update: New Litter

Bald Eagles in Kettering, Ohio

Do you love great photography and bald eagles? Check out this Facebook page, Carillon Eagle Friends! Lots of amazing photos and videos of Orv & Willa the two bald eagles who have made their home (nests) at this beautiful historic park! A local Boy Scout group organized a clean up of their river area. In honor of my sister’s memory, I provided our local famous Bill’s Donuts for the volunteers! Here is the post regarding the clean up. Take time to check out the beautiful photos and give a shout out to #SharonTheLove if you follow the page. Stop by … Continue reading Bald Eagles in Kettering, Ohio